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Wealth LadderMultimillionaire Property Investor & Motivational Coach Hi and welcome to Wealth Ladder. We are Michael Mackivnen (right) and Greg Keenan (left) and we thank you for taking the time to look through our website.Wealth LadderWealth Ladder

I know your time is precious to you and there are lots of websites out there.  So if you don’t have much time just register for our newsletter and we will email you every time we write a new blog or have an event/webinar.  Don’t worry we won’t send emails to you every day as to be honest writing that much takes too much of our time, we would rather be making money through investing in property.  What we do write is quality information that you can use now. We are both Kiwis investing in property in New Zealand and have done so for the last 20 years.

Wealth Ladder was setup to help those looking to invest in property in New Zealand whether that’s first timers or well established property investors. The New Zealand property market is a complex mix of high net worth properties right down to small properties throughout rural New Zealand. You can purchase property for less than $100,00 right up to and over $20 million.  

Auckland properties are the most expensive on average and will continue for the foreseeable future since it is the most populated and sort after place to get employment.  Where small towns in rural areas are the cheapest because of the lack of employment and isolation from main centers.  You don’t have to invest in Auckland and if you are starting out with minimal deposit you are best to start your property investing journey elsewhere and then gradually move up the property ladder.

There are many different investment strategies to choose from but the most common for New Zealand property investors is buy and hold.  Remember trading property is not property investing, it’s the same as buying something fixing it up and selling it for a profit.

It’s up to you what strategy you choose to go into but with any investment you make you need to be educated from the right resources and the right people. Wealth Ladder is a leader in property investing education and helps clients find True Value in their investments.  

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True Value in Local Property Market

Why Wealth Ladder

With our guidance and steadfast commitment to your success through property we believe that we can help you and your family create long term future wealth. Property is not a short game but a long one. We have over 20 years of experience in the property industry and continue to make leaps and bounds even in any market, you just have to have the expertise and experience to understand property market conditions.

How Can Wealth Ladder Help You

We help create a property portfolio or build on the one you already have by vanishing your weaknesses and managing your strengths. Wealth Ladder is about moving you forward and creating and maintaining a property portfolio which is the key to long term wealth creation. Creating a property portfolio is one thing, keeping it is another.

Wealth Ladder Philosophy

To help all New Zealanders purchase investment property by giving new and current investors the tools and resources to create wealth that will last for generations. Every ones dreams and goals are different but we aim to make sure you achieve them. We specialise in making sure your new or existing portfolio will challenge the toughest of times and push through the best of times.

New & Lower Level Investors

If you are looking to purchase an investment property or have already but you are unsure of the next step, Wealth Ladder can help you purchase the right property based on your circumstances. Everyone is different and it’s important for us to show you the right way for you, not the way someone else is investing. We have created property millions over the last 10 years, so whether you want to become the next property million or just purchase one property, then we have the expertise for you. Join our community to help you get and keep on track.

Current Property Investors

Whether you have 3 or more investment properties there comes a time when you will be stuck and not be able to purchase any more properties through a variety of reasons. This is where Wealth Ladder can help you take your property portfolio to a whole new level. By having expertise and experience behind you, we help you get back to purchasing property with a new found mindset that will push you towards your long term goals. Or maximise your under performing portfolio. To learn more about Wealth Ladder join our community.

Mastermind Alliance for Success Mentorship Program

Each year in February we take on an exclusive number of property students to coach. We help you buy property, build or maximise your current portfolio. Whether you are new, current or have multiple properties we coach and mentor you based on your long and short term goals. If you just want to purchase one or multiple properties we can help you work towards that. Become part of our community to get the latest information at our next free seminar for our Mastermind Alliance for Success Coaching Program.

I first met Michael last November. I have been dreaming of purchasing my first property in Auckland for three years now and thanks to having met Michael I now own my first property. When I first met Michael I thought that it would take me five years to buy my first property but with his support and prudent advise I was able to purchase my first property after only five months. I did not have a lot of capital and so I am extremely appreciative of Michael for leading me through the process. I am now enjoying learning how to manage my asset and look forward to purchasing my second property very soon.

Masahito O,


Why is Investing in Property a Stepping Stone to Wealth

Over the years as long as records go back investing in property whether residential or commercial property creates wealth. Short term, long term depending on your strategy and where you buy, property investing has been the number one strategy for self-made millionaires and retirement. Whether you started out in other investments your portfolio will have property in it. If you wish to create wealth for yourself or your family for whatever that maybe you need to invest in property. Start of small and work your way up don’t expect to buy a million dollar property straight off the bat. With some hard work the right support and knowledge you too can purchase property to help you create wealth.

Do You Need to Be Wealthy to Invest in Property

The simple answer is no you don’t need to be wealthy to purchase investment property. But don’t expect to purchase a shiny property that is in the best suburb. You will need to start in areas that are in lower social economic areas or cities that have cheaper property than other cities. The problem for first time investors is that they look in areas that they can’t afford rather than areas that they can. Investing in property is not a short game but a long one and the earlier you start the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Why Using Leverage is the Key to Property Investing

The greatest advantage over investing in property versus investing in shares is that you can use leverage, other people’s money I.E. banks. You might only have say $120,000 but this would enable you to purchase a property valued at $300,000 depending on the city you are buying in and your circumstances (this is based on a Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 60%, I.E. 40% deposit). But it only gets better, the property you brought for $300,000 over the next 7-10 years the property doubles in value which is now worth $600,000 but your mortgage stays the same $180,000 (if you haven’t paid debt down). So you have now gone from a $300,000 property to a $600,000 just because you sat and waited, playing the long game of leveraging your money and using the one thing that cannot be changed – TIME.

Why Property Investing Will Make You Broke

Just buying a property anywhere and expecting it to make you wealthy is not the attitude to have. All successful property investors use the same principles when it comes to purchasing property. You need to have clear goals in what you want to achieve, having a buying and exiting strategy, the ability to learn and have a coach/mentor to help you build a property portfolio the right way. Yet in a down and even a boom market wealthy investors lose millions of dollars through property. Its not an easy game to play and you need to be prepared for hard work and commitment plus be in it for the long term meaning 10 – 20+ years. Do not allow property advertises to think you can make millions in a year or be able to quit your job over night. This is not reality, you need to learn to crawl before you can walk and you need to walk before you can run, Wealth Ladder will be with you every step of the way.


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