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Apr 11

Three Reasons Why You Should Purchase an Investment Property Right Now

By Michael Mackinven | Property , Uncategorized

THREE Reasons Why You Should Purchase an Investment Property Right Now You will have heard that the Auckland property market has changed since the LVR changes took effect in October 2016 for investment property and home buyers. Now interest rates are beginning to increase and associated tighter credit is slowing the investment property market. More […]

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Auckland Property
Sep 29

Why You Should Buy Auckland Property

By Michael Mackinven | Property

Investing in Auckland property is extremely exciting and can create huge wealth. Many investors have created millions through Auckland property.  For myself, if it wasn’t for property I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. Sure I have always worked hard at business and anything I do, but I’ve built my wealth through making […]

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Property investors Auckland
Jul 21

Property Investors Get Hit Again

By Michael Mackinven | Property

Property investors beware! With the recent LVR changes this is the first big property change to hit the heated market. Will this deflate the market or have no affect at all? The Reserve Bank as implemented 60% LVR for property investors across the country.  80% LVR for own home buyers across the country as well. […]

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Decreasing rents versus increasing rents
Jul 18

Decreasing Rents vs Increasing Rents

By Michael Mackinven | Property

DECREASING RENTS VERSUS INCREASING RENTS The three pillars of any sound property investment are CASHFLOW, CAPITAL GAINS and TAX ADVANTAGES. In this blog I want to explain how rising and falling rents directly affect capital growth and the true return on your investment. For simplicity, I will use an example of a property located in […]

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