Financial Freedom in 10 Years

Financial Freedom in 10 Years

Learn how to purchase property with long term success

Financial Freedom in 10 Years is an eBook that doesn't mince words but actually tells you the truth behind what it actually takes to purchase an investment property.

There is no sales hype or how you can purchase properties that you can not afford or will make you go broke.

Financial Freedom is written by Michael Mackinven who has had over 20 years of property investing experience and has made millions of dollars from investing and trading property.

Michael is not one to tell you you can be rich in a few years or be able to purchase a whole lot of properties with cash flow that flows in every week without you doing anything.

Financial Freedom in 10 Years is a book that will open your mind to how investing in property is possible and that you can do it just by sticking to three rules.

Here's a snap shot of what you will learn!!

  • Why you should invest in property - the real story, and no you don't need 10 properties
  • How to choose the right investment strategy for you
  • The three property trading rules
  • Learn what is the property secret of the world's wealthy
  • Buy and hold strategies that work
  • A 3 step system to achieving success in property investing
  • How to mitigate risk and build wealth at the same time
  • How to become a successful property investor and how you can learn from them
  • Plus so much more


  1. "This eBook is not for you if you do not want to purchase an investment property or feel that buying and making money from property is wrong.  At Wealth Ladder we teach people to believe in themselves and create success how and when they want.  You are the key to your own destiny, you can either turn the key or never go through the door."