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Hi and welcome to Wealth Ladder. We are Michael Mackivnen and Greg Keenan and we would love for you to come and join us at one of our events being held in Auckland and Hamilton this February and March. Each event is 2 ½ hours long full of great content to help you succeed in property investing.

Our events are called “3 Step Secret to Property Wealth Live.” The event covers where and what to buy, tips on buying below market value, negotiating with agents where it’s a win win for both parties, real property examples we have done in 2016 and how you too can use our 3 Step Secret to create wealth through property. Plus you will also learn about what holds you back from becoming a successful property investor, what is the ultimate success formula (we teach you this to take home) and why writing your goals down is not enough to live the life you want.

Tickets are only $30 which includes two people and for everyone who books we are giving away three bonuses including Michael Mackinven’s latest eBook, “Financial Freedom in 10 years” worth $29.00.

At the end of this event you will come away with new ideas and focus so laser like that you will be ready to take on the new challengers you have set for yourself.

Click the appropriate box below or call 0800 3 378377 to book your spot now.

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I was originally attracted to the Wealth Ladder mentoring programme after reading Michael’s superb article about finding the true value of a property. Since signing up I have been thoroughly impressed with both Michael and Greg’s expertise, professionalism and drive to help all of us achieve our financial goals through property investment. As with all business relationships Trust is critical. I trust these guys with my life. Unlike some property mentors, they guide,advise to assist you to develop a strategy and help you stick to it. There is no pressure to get into a situation that you are not comfortable with. As a testament, I will be continuing my relationship with Wealth Ladder now the programme has finished. I thoroughly recommend it.


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We want to help you become a successful property investor for you, your family and your future. We believe that knowledge, support and action create wealth. With our help we will make sure your future is set in the stars. Join us to start learning sooner rather than later. Let Wealth Ladder help you create wealth through property. Join our community today to learn why so many people make the right choices about property investing.