Listen to Yourself to Reduce Stress in Your Life

By Greg Keenan | Motivational Peak Performance

Dec 01
Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself to reduce stress in your life

Learning to listen to yourself is a great way to develop extremely good listening skills.

We all have conversations in our head every day, some are positive some are negative and a lot is just filled space which we don’t take much thought about.

We call this self-talk or talking to ourselves in our head.

The positive side of self-talk is when our thinking tells us that we can do anything that we set our mind to do, this is also mentioned on our blog What You think You Become.

Positive mindset: Can do anything we set our mind to

The negative side of self-talk is when we tell ourselves that we are going to fail at something or that we are not good enough.

Negative mindset: Tell ourselves we are destined to fail at whatever we try

Self-talk affects our beliefs, our self-esteem and our attitude to the way we live our lives.

With self-talk being in our heads constantly we are actually in control of this talk. We are in control of our thoughts and we can learn from our self-talk to control it and make it work for us.

To do this we need to control and select what we are feeding to our own subconscious and in turn, this will help to bring about those things we desire. If we don’t control our self-talk it will control us.

Your thoughts are affected by your surroundings.

listen to yourself

Why the news and advertising is killing us

Outside influences such as friends, books, television, advertising, news etc. all contribute to how you think about yourself and your beliefs.

We need to control what we allow into our lives and decide whether it is important or not.

Identifying and getting rid of useless information that is not adding anything to our life will help us to create space and reduce stress and mental fatigue.

Start listening to your self-talk and work on removing anything that will not help you achieve your goals or dreams.

Nowadays with the internet and advertising everywhere, everyone is out to get your money and mind.

Only pay attention when you need to and when negative self-talk comes into your mind, say to yourself, “will this help me or hinder me”, if it helps, listen and take note, if it hinders you, immediately turn off your mind and or move away from that situation to something else.

Stress is one of our biggest contributors to depression, if you just stop and take a look around you and listen to yourself you will be on the road to a healthier mind.

Take the test and see what happens and listen to yourself.

listen to yourself


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