Abundance Mindset

By Greg Keenan

May 31
Abundance Mindset Optimistic about the future Embraces change There is always more than enough Attitude of gratitude Happy to share knowledge Possibility focused Abundant resources Finds opportunities Shows happiness and joyTakes responsibility for results Scarcity Mindset Fearful about the future Fears change There is never enough Worrying mindset Stingy with knowledge Problem focused Limited resources […]
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About the Author

My life has taken a different turn but for the better after recovering from cancer in 2014. I have taken this opportunity to do the things I love and that is sharing my passion and knowledge. I have represented NZ at swimming. Made companies here in NZ and in London millions of dollars through sales and marketing. I have travelled around the world for 7 years. I’ve seen, worked for and been with some of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Richard Rothschild. With the right mind-set you can achieve anything, but you have to be prepared to work for it, nothing comes on a plate.