Success Only Comes After Failure

By Greg Keenan | Motivational Peak Performance

Dec 05
success only comes after failure

Success only comes after failure

Yes that is right success only comes after failure

Watch the video before reading on, its an inspiration and amazing feat never done before, only a couple of minutes.

Everything you do in life no matter what it is you will fail and then eventually either succeed at it or give up.

Success is also riddled with obstacles, adversity and mistakes, which requires sacrifice – long work and committed hours.

It takes time to overcome the pitfuls that are out there and the obstacles you need to climb or avoid.

To be successful

You need to put in the hours, expect there to be problems, expect there to be lack of money and a constant battle with others saying you can’t do it.

There are so many great achievements that people have accomplished throughout the world

  • Being the best in your sport
  • Inventing electricity
  • Building the first motor vehicle
  • Flying a plane
  • Writing a best seller book
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a property
  • Building an electric car
  • Start an online business

All these great achievements took sacrifice, the individuals would have put their lives on the line, their reputation, their wealth and borrowed money to get there, but with all of these amazing successes, the success only comes after failure.

The biggest challenge we have today is that too many people think success comes straight away that it doesn’t take time and that they want it now.

We see all the time on the internet people making lots of money, driving fancy cars, making millions in a few months.

But they too would have lost a lot of money and failed more than they succeeded, but we don’t really get to see these stories.

Going back to the above video you watched, how many times do you think these guys tried this stunt before actually landing it?

Once, twice, 20 times?

It took months of practice and 100 test flights before it was achieved.

A crazy stunt, yes, but what a stunt.

Even though they are both trained wingsuit flyers and have completed hundreds of jumps from similar heights they still had to try and try again to nail this amazing feat.

Success only comes after failure, sow the seeds, plow the field, reap the rewards.




About the Author

My life has taken a different turn but for the better after recovering from cancer in 2014. I have taken this opportunity to do the things I love and that is sharing my passion and knowledge. I have represented NZ at swimming. Made companies here in NZ and in London millions of dollars through sales and marketing. I have travelled around the world for 7 years. I’ve seen, worked for and been with some of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Richard Rothschild. With the right mind-set you can achieve anything, but you have to be prepared to work for it, nothing comes on a plate.