I was originally attracted to the Wealth Ladder mentoring programme after reading Michael's superb article about finding the true value of a property. Since signing up I have been thoroughly impressed with both Michael and Greg's expertise, professionalism and drive to help all of us achieve our financial goals through property investment.

As with all business relationships Trust is critical. I trust these guys with my life. Unlike some property mentors, they guide,advise to assist you to develop a strategy and help you stick to it.

There is no pressure to get into a situation that you are not comfortable with . As a testament, I will be continuing my relationship with Wealth Ladder now the programme has finished.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Accountant & Property Investor

I have known Michael Mackinven since March 2009. I first met him in professional capacity when I was Branch Manager of BNZ in Otahuhu in a meeting with a mutual client. Over the proceeding 5 years, our interaction has ranged from helping mutual clients he referred to me at the bank to a personal relationship in which we both attended a self-driven personal development course to help better direct our independent walks in life.

Michael has demonstrated to me to be a person with an incredible high level of integrity both personally and professionally. He is a trustworthy custodian of financial assets with an unwavering awareness of his responsibility in managing these. The people who work for him, with him and the people who he works for are all living testaments supporting this view. In addition to this, I have found Michael to be incredibly resourceful, innovative and collaborative in working through business and personal challenges. He has helped improve my spiritual sense of self and my relationship with others.​

Michael has a broad set of skills in business and a true sense of purpose in what he wants to achieve. I have seen him succeed in every new ventures he has taken on  and I endorse him unreservedly to any person or organisation who is considering the privilege of working with him.​

Frank Zwitser 
New Zealand Home Loans

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and somewhat powerless when investing especially from overseas, however, we have been fortunate enough to meet Michael Mackinven and do business with him.

From our experience Michael's professional and thorough approach to property investing gives us a real sense of peace of mind, given that we are investing from Japan.

With Michael you can expect as standard: solid investment advice; immediate and in depth answers to your questions, and above all, a friendly approachable response to emails and phone calls.

Without Michael we'd still be wary about investing full-stop, but through Michael's hands on approach, ever patient ear and knowledge and expertise, we have grown in confidence and have used our investment opportunity in New Zealand as a springboard towards our financially secure future.

You can too!!! Thank you, Michael. To your future success.

A grateful and (now) confident property investor.​

Richard J Beaney

​I have known Michael Mackinven for over nine years, initially through my role as partner and Manager of McDonald Property Management. I have enjoyed a very good relationship with Michael during this period and have found him to be a very honest, reliable and competent person to do business with. On a personal basis he is polite, friendly and good company. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as someone who has very high ethical standards and competence in his business dealings

Graham Middlemiss
Director of McDonald Property Management

I first met Michael last November. I have been dreaming of purchasing my first property in Auckland for three years now and thanks to having met Michael I now own my first property. When I first met Michael I thought that it would take me five years to buy my first property but with his support and prudent advise I was able to purchase my first property after only five months. I did not have a lot of capital and so I am extremely appreciative of Michael for leading me through the process. I am now enjoying learning how to manage my asset and look forward to purchasing my second property very soon.

Masahito O

​I sell between 40 and 50 properties annually of which approximately 20 are properties that have been fully renovated by developers. The quality of work varies greatly between developers and I can count on one hand the number of developers who do a truly high quality job. Mike Ross Homes is definitely on that list. Not only that, there have been a number of occasions where Michael Mackinven's team has proven they are of utmost trustworthiness. I draw an example to a property just this week, where they made a decision to carry out a costly job on a property, which I had presold, which they could have got away with not doing. This proves to me that his team truly looks after their customers.

I highly recommend the integrity and conscientiousness of Michael Mackinven's team to you.

Tony Ashton
Real Estate Salesperson

Mike has been my advisor on property investment since I returned from Japan two years ago. Together he and I completed a renovation project which was stress-free and had great returns. Since then I've invested in three other projects managed by him which have also been profitable. Mike knows the business, knows what is achievable and what isn't, and keeps his promises. I trust him to get the job done, and I recommend him without reservation to others.

Matthew Bailey

Through my previous roles as ANZ business manager and mortgage broker, I was privy to a number of Michael’s deals and his results. Michael is an astute property investor who knows how to source good property, add value and structure deals to deliver returns. Michael looks at the big picture, manages risk well and makes sound business decisions. I saw this first hand in 2007 when he picked the coming change in the property market and structured his operations accordingly. In this sense he was ahead of many investors. I have found Michael to be straight up, honest and sharp. For these reasons, I have referred people to Michael and have now chosen to invest together.

Cameron Milnes

I am a primary school teacher and have been working with Michael since October of 2012. I first met Michael during a Japanese exam and subsequently asked him his occupation. When he told me he invested in property full time, I immediately asked if he also mentored. I had recently been to several property seminars that were offering mentorship programs, but something told me to hold back. I have a slight distrust of high priced programs and seminars having seen friends spend tens of thousands of dollars to no apparent avail.

Fortunately for me, I met Michael before committing to one of these other programs.

On our first meeting, Michael sat down with me and outlined exactly how he will help me on my property investment journey. Just before this took place, he drove me to a nearby property of which he was interested in buying. I knew right then and there that he was the real deal as he negotiated an offer with the real estate agent. Michael walks the walk and is highly active in expanding his own real estate portfolio. This was a criteria that was very important to me, but seemed to be an unknown in other mentorship programs.

Michael took careful consideration of my financial position and goals when making a plan for me. To my surprise, I was in a financial position to buy a property right away.

He made it clear that he had high expectations for me and set homework. There is a very different dynamic when you are no longer on your own and are encouraged to achieve tasks by a given time. I have tried to get into property for the last 15 years, but for various reasons could never take the plunge. Michael had me working hard, and before I knew it, one of my offers was accepted. Shortly after, Michael actually came with me to look through the property. How many other mentors would do that?! He agreed that it was a good buy, and I went through with the purchase. I finally have my first investment property after so many years of trying!!

I have too many great things to say about Michael. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the industry and has excellent local knowledge. He is very flexible with his meeting times and open about his portfolio and properties that he is interested in. He is very honest and sincere and wants to see you succeed. He is well worth his fee and I know for certain that I have made that money back already in my investment. This wouldn’t have been achieved without his help.

If you have any questions regarding his services, please feel free to contact me at the below email.

Best of luck,​

Gray Gillespie

I am a Kiwi that works in the banking sector in Australia and invests in property outside of my day job. I have personally done over 50 deals and dealt with hundreds of property professionals. I was introduced to Michael through a mutual contact and it has been fun and a privilege to work with him since. Michael has assisted us to source properties in South Auckland, add value, manage assets and provide strategic advice, since 2011. Without doubt, Michael is one of the most astute residential property investors I have ever worked with. He has made me and my joint venture partners over $1 million profit and what makes this result even more fantastic, is that this profit has been made mostly with no-money down. With Michael's help we have made a return of almost infinity and with essentially no risk.

Michael sourced great properties and added value where needed but more importantly he gave us great confidence and guidance throughout the process. He was extremely bullish when the newspapers and televisions were gloomy and noone else was buying from 2008 to 2012. This was crucial as without the right mindset, and confidence to take action, we would have just sat on the sidelines like everyone else.

I thank Michael for sharing his investing prowess and for his friendship. Long may our investing relationship continue.​

Andrew Penfold